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There's a Future
Without Extraction.

Here's the Proof.

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Designed for the Future
Engineered with Molecules
Made on Earth

Aeir presents the next generation of luxury subscription using biotechnology and extraction-free materials to merge the worlds of fragrance and experience.

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Extrait Molecular De Parfum

Working with the most advanced technologies, Aeir designs its perfume by reducing the botanical source of natural ingredients with bioengineered scent molecules.

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The Aeir Frame
Fragrance System

Extrait Molecular de Parfum

Available October 2022
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The Aeir Frame Mini
Fragrance Discovery Set

Extrait Molecular de Parfum

Available September 2022
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Aeir ID ™

Aeir’s experience driven Web-3 ready subscription platform; Aeir ID™ allows members to unlock a universe of products and experiences exclusive to Aeir’s community.

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