What is Aeir?

Aeir was founded in Venice Beach, CA with a mission to become the world's first carbon negative luxury brand. Guided by an extraction-free manifesto, Aeir fuses the codes of luxury while highlighting the next generation of clean technology and circular materials.

What is Aeir ID?

Aeir ID™ is our trademarked Web3-ready membership platform which provides access to a full universe of products through Aeir's custom-built app. Features such as Aeir Wallet and Aeir Menu give our community the ability to "tap to collect" via NFC integration, subscribe to our fully circular refill program, and unlock new products through a more personable experience - all on a member's digital devices.

How does it work?

Aeir ID™ adaps to our community's needs and rewards them through loyalty-based releases and drops in the fragrance, wellness and fashion space. The system is optimized for members and has omni-channel functionality, which strategically enables exciting B2B partnerships and collaborations in the luxury category - adding multiple layers of opportunities to the possibilities that come with Aeir's unique platform.

What does an Aeir ID Subscription include?

Your subscription to Aeir ID includes full access to Aeir Wallet and Aeir's Subscription Queue. Your first month's shipment will include an Aeir Frame and Refill of your choice. Simply configure your subscription in your Aeir ID Account Page and confirm.

How does Aeir's Refill Program Work?

We've designed and engineered each aspet of the Aeir Frame Refill System, reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing materials and packaging at every touch point. Rather than shipping heavy glass and unnecessary packaging, you get a bi-monthly refill to power your Aeir Frame. Our refills are fully disassemblable, and made of the world's most recycled material - aluminum, making it easy to play a role in keeping products out of the landfill.

How does Aeir ID Upcycle Program Take Back program work?

Aeir's Upcycle program takes back used refills and re-integrates them into our supply chain. On an annual basis, Aeir ID members will receive a fully recycled pre-paid envelope, which when returned will unlock future releases and exclusive perks.

How do I sign up for a subscription?

To begin receiving Aeir Frame and Refills, visit aeir.com/aeir-frame and proceed to checkout. You'll need an Aeir ID membership to begin your journey with us, and all new subscription members will receive a complimentary Aeir Frame. Just make sure you include an Aeir ID membership in your cart and you're ready to go! Those not subscribed to Aeir ID can still access a limited selection of products via Aeir's "A La Carte."

What is Aeir Wallet?

The Aeir Wallet is your hub for visualizing current product subscriptions, order history, collectibles, and unlockable items. Everything in your Aeir Wallet can be added into the subscription queue, and is fully customizable. The queue can be paused or rescheduled at any time, making for a seamless user experience.

What is Aeir Menu?

The Aeir Menu is the all-access a la carte menu, which gives members the ability to instantly checkout — no subscription required. Here you can find exclusive drops and other individual products available only on Aeir ID™. The best part — everything on the Aeir Menu is also 30% off Retail.

What is Aeir Mail?

Once you become a member of Aeir ID™, you’ll get access to our refill program, among other exclusive products. You’ll be able to subscribe to various scents and receive them on a bi-monthly cadence, which cuts down on the amount of shipments we’d need to send out. Our refills are fully disassemblable — an industry first in the luxury fragrance space — with its packaging fully optimized to weigh as little as possible. We call it Aeir Mail for that reason. Like shipping air, it significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

What's Tap to Collect?

We’ve also developed “Tap to Collect” functionality via NFC technology on fully biodegradable printed circuits, which unlocks product for loyal members through Aeir Mail, or during exclusive activations or events with our strategic partners.

Do I need a Crypto Wallet to access items inside Aeir ID?

No, all purchases and subscriptions are available directly inside your Aeir ID members portal.

Can you gift Aeir?

Yes! You can purchase Aeir ID and gift it to your closest friends and family. Alternatively, as a member, you can also purchase items through Aeir Menu or directly A La Carte.

Do I need to be an Aeir ID member to purchase one-off products?

You can purchase items through Aeir’s A La Carte without a membership!

Payment + Order Status

What payment methods do you accept ?

We accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Can I pay with Cryptocurrencies?

At this time we accept payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Aeir is Web3 ready, so stay tuned as we offer more payment types In the near future.

How can I check on my order status?

You will receive a confirmation from Aeir Concierge after you place an order, or confirm your selection in the subscription queue. When the order ships, we will send you another shipment notification email including tracking details.  If you do not receive this shipping confirmation within two business days, please email us at concierge@aeir.com.

Can I cancel my subscription?

If you need support canceling, pausing, or rescheduling your Aeir subscription, please email us at concierge@aeir.com. You can also reschedule, pause or cancel your subscription from your Account at any time.

Can I reschedule my next shipment?

Of course! Simply login to your Aeir ID Account and reschedule your upcoming shipment in your subscription queue. Once you’ve confirmed, your monthly shipments and schedule will be automatically updated. If you need support troubleshooting, please reach out to concierge@aeir.com and we’ll be happy to help.

How can I review my previous orders or tracking information?

You’ll receive an order confirmation email from Aeir Concierge after you sign up for Aeir ID or for a new Refill Subscription. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email each time your order is ready to ship. You can also update your shipping and billing information in your Aeir ID Account or by contacting us at concierge@aeir.com.

I’m having trouble logging in.

We apologize for the inconvenience! If you experience any difficulties logging in or managing your subscription, you can reset your password. If you’re still experiencing issues, please reach out to concierge@aeir.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Shipping + Billing

All payments for Aeir and Aeir ID™ products are due upon purchase from our website, without exception.

Delivery of products will be made by carriers of our selection. Aeir reserves the right to change carriers at any time, even during a shipment. All Aeir products will be sold at the prices in effect at the time of shipment. All Aeir products will be sold on an outright sale basis. No products are sold on consignment or in any manner that allows a customer to choose to return them. AEIR expressly rejects any proposed billing or shipping term of Customer which purports to bind Aeir without the express written consent of Aeir.

Our current delivery timeline within the US is up to 30 days after purchase unless specified otherwise in an order confirmation email.  You’ll receive delivery estimates during checkout and in your order confirmation email. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation as soon as your products are on the way.

All of our orders ship via (FEDEX, UPS, USPS or DHL) and are typically delivered within 5-7 business days after your order is placed, unless otherwise communicated in check-out or post-purchase communication connected to your order. Your local USPS carrier may complete the final leg of delivery. Each shipping confirmation will tell you which item(s) shipped. You can also check your order status in your account under “Order History” and AEIR ID™ account. If your order is shipped, you can track each delivery in your Aeir ID account. Please note that once an order has shipped, we cannot reroute it or change the address, but we will always do our best to help. Please email concierge@aeir.com for further questions.

At the moment Aeir is only available to ship within the United States, US territories.

** What happens if the frame damages? (ie; dropped it, scratched, lost, etc.). Is it still free to get another one?

We of course want to ensure that the Aeir frame remains fully functional for all Aeir ID members and customers as we strive to be your life-long destination for Aeir. Please contact concierge@aeir.com and describe in detail your issues.

Lost Aeir Frames can be replaced with $69 charged to the account holder for Aeir ID members.

Damaged Aeir Frames can be replaced and once evaluated as Aeir engineering fault, either Aeir ID member can get a replacement shipped immediately with a charge of $69 applied to the account which can be waived upon receipt and evaluation of the component. Concierge will provide all return addresses and other billing details. We apologize for any inconvenience and please contact us at concierge@aeir.com so we can help resolve any issues.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund within 30 days of delivery of your first order. We’ll refund you for the full cost of the product less shipping, VAT, and duties—no questions asked. Refunds apply to your first order only, not any subsequent shipments. For all subsequent shipments, you may reschedule or cancel at any time in your Aeir ID account.

Terms + Conditions


These Terms and Conditions of Sale, and the terms and specifications set forth on the accompanying Invoice and/or Price Quote (“Order Documents”), constitute the entire agreement (“Agreement”) between AEIR, Inc. (“AEIR”) and Buyer identified on the Order Documents for sale of cosmetics described in this Agreement (“Products”).  Buyer’s use or Products and warranties for any Products provided by AEIR is governed solely by the terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement supersedes any conflicting or additional terms in any other agreement, whether oral or in writing, related in any way to this Agreement or Products, including without limitation Buyer’s or third-party purchase orders or warranties. AEIR objects to and rejects any other agreement or offer of terms (including without limitation any separate Buyer P.O., which is identified solely for convenience in the Order Documents) that differs in any way from this Agreement’s terms, unless AEIR expressly accepts such terms in a separate signed writing.

Terms of payment are net upon delivery of any of Products, unless expressly provided otherwise in the Order Documents.

A service charge of one and one-half (1%) percent per month will apply to any balance not paid by Buyer when due.


Any and all specifications related to the manufacture, features, capabilities and performance of Products are fully set forth in this Agreement.

Buyer must examine the Products immediately upon receipt. Any shortages or missing or damaged items must be reported to AEIR promptly. Buyer waives any claim for damaged or missing items if made more than seven (7) days after the date of delivery.

As to any visible defects, Buyer’s binding acceptance of Products shall be deemed to occur no later than the earliest of (i) Buyer’s use of Products, or (ii) 30 days after delivery of Products.

Buyer’s acceptance of Products shall serve as Buyer’s affirmation that Hardware conforms fully to all terms of this Agreement.


Once accepted by AEIR, this Agreement is not subject to termination unless agreed by AEIR in writing.

No Product may be returned without prior written authorization from AEIR.


AEIR warrants the products listed in the Order Documents to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper usage for 24 months from the date of the original purchase shipment.  This limited warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, or care not in accordance with reasonable precautions.


Buyer’s sole remedy under this warranty and any other claim, including, without limitation, tort, contract, statutory, or in equity, with respect to any Products shall be limited to repair or replacement of any Products determined by AEIR to be defective during the warranty period.

AEIR SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE, under any warranty obligations or otherwise, FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES of Buyer or any other person, in connection with this Agreement or Products, such as loss of business, loss of anticipated savings or anticipated profits, or injury or damages any third party may claim against Buyer. AEIR shall in no event have any monetary liability to Buyer in excess of the purchase price.


This Agreement, including the Order Documents, supersedes all prior agreements, communications, representations, negotiations, or understandings related to Products, and contains the entire agreement of the parties. No waiver, modification, or termination shall be effective unless in writing and signed by an officer of AEIR.

No waiver or indulgence by AEIR of any default or deviation by Buyer of any required performance shall be a waiver of AEIR’s right to subsequent or other full and timely performance in any other instance.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California, without regard for any conflict of laws, and shall be deemed to have been made at AEIR’s principal place of business. The Courts in Los Angeles County, California shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any legal or equitable proceeding related in any way to this Agreement or the Products.